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Forex Club | Libertex App

Forex Club | Libertex App

Learn more about registering with a Forex Club broker and how to start trading in the Libertex app....


What is Forex? This is the global foreign exchange market, where a million trades are held daily. Forex is the largest trading platform in terms of revenue. The participants in the transactions are the world's largest banks, multinational corporations, large investment firms, as well as investors and traders. In simple terms, forex meaning is to buy / sell various currencies based on personal analysis or based on the difference in the value of financial instruments. Forex exchange participants can earn on currency trading when it rises or falls. Income from transactions may exceed deposits and investments, however, it should be borne in mind that transactions

Forex Market or in other words "Foreign Exchange" was founded in 1971. After that, all exchange rates are set by the International Monetary Interbank Market (FX), and not by states, as it was before. Certain actions of Forex brokers and other participants in transactions change quotes every second and every day they conclude transactions for a total amount of more than a trillion dollars.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading meaning buy/sell on the FX currency market. Transaction participants trade currencies, securities or commodities. Persons involved in operations at Forex rates are called traders. Professionals in forex trade do not perform "random" actions on values, but analyze the situation in the world or in a specific area in order to make the right decision. Beginners often use the advice and predictions of experts in order to make money. However, you should be aware that every trader bears financial risks. Thus, if you trade a large amount, you greatly increase the chances of huge profits, as well as large losses.

Forex Account Registration

Forex account is required for trading in FX. To open a real trading account, you must first decide on the choice of a brokerage company. To do this, make sure that the broker has a license, whether it provides a demo account, whether there are applications for phone / PC, min and max deposit size and many other forex factors. Best Forex trading platform for beginners in 2023 - Forex Club, FX Pro, RoboForex. Be smart about choosing a broker and registering a Forex account. Each company offers unique introductory bonuses that have a strong impact on the first steps in trading. Thus, you sign up & create an account in the broker and through it you get access to the Forex market.

When filling out the forex registration form, indicate fake data about yourself - first name, last name, patronymic, phone number, email and more, depending on the requirements of the broker. After that, you can go through a full identification of the person. It is important to understand that by using someone else's information, you are subject to account blocking or restrictions in certain actions.